Budget conscious, highly-efficient, detail-oriented and sophisticated,
Jennifer will produce lively outcomes for all types of projects.

Jennifer operates out of Chicago and has 
20+ years of experience as a graphic designer
and art director, recently introducing customized website design.


She has in-depth magazine and publishing experience. All manner of business collateral as well as small-scale web design, maintenance and social media campaigns are within her repertoire.


Of late, a priority is set to seek projects with nonprofits, B Corps and businesses seeking
the triple bottom line of people and planet,
not just profit.


Shoot over an email to begin a discussion
on how her skill set might benefit you.

THE TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE: People, Planet, Profit.
The best businesses are about all of these.

Jennifer has a deep understanding of the need for our society to become  active in reducing human affects on our unique and priceless environment.


She attended a 2015 Miami training with former Vice President Al Gore and renowned experts joining the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She's returned multiple times to mentor new leaders and serves as the Chicago Chapter Chair.


The goal is to usher a rapid transition to a sustainable society based on renewable energy, clean transportation and a reworked food system amongst many other necessary changes. As a designer she uses her skills to further the skills whenever possible.

Jennifer was featured in Graphic Design USA magazine in 2016 for responsible design.

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